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Reality Riffing with Guru Jagat

Mar 27, 2020

Join Guru Jagat with the luminous and legendary author & astrologer, Barbara Hand Clow. In this spotlight conversation, discover the 735 year cycle we are closing that started with the birth of modern banking, get a star-based perspective on current events, and find out the special aspect that will occur toward the end...

Mar 23, 2020

Beyond cognition or positive intentionality, compassion is a biochemical state that gives you the capacity to see things from multiple perspectives. Train your mind, get stable, receive a transmission that will clarify your perception, and become a discerning, sophisticated human being.

Mar 21, 2020

Join Guru Jagat with Heisman Trophy winner, Ricky Williams, and Linnea Miron, founders of Real Wellness. Find out how to use Chinese medicine to strengthen your Yang qi, your defensive force, and what symptoms of low Yang look and feel like,. Plus get a direct download on what herbs to have on hand and how to...

Mar 20, 2020

Get your list of COVID-19 recommendations in this uplifting Reality Riffing with Guru Jagat and Dr. Siri Shakti MD, yogic practitioner and western medicine doctor. Discover a powerful, effective DIY anti-stress drink, premier supplements for sleep and immunity, how and when to start your at-home treatments. Get the 411...

Mar 19, 2020

Join Guru Jagat and Martha Soffer internationally acclaimed Ayurvedic doctor and founder of the celebrity favored Surya Spa, in this epically powerful interview that will change the way you think about wellness, medicine and self-healing. Get easy to apply immunity remedies and upgrade your self-rejuvenation intelligence.