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Reality Riffing with Guru Jagat

Nov 24, 2019

The biggest obstacle between you and the things you want is a plan for your success.
In this Reality Riff, get the download on what it means to have a concept, generate energy, manifest the vision, and hold enough chi energy to ride the wave of your thriving achievement.
Your win is inevitable, get the blueprint for...

Nov 17, 2019

You can create a vibration between yourself and others that forges real and dynamic connections. In this Reality Riff with Guru Jagat, discover how to magnetize people to you just through your emanation, create vibrant social environments based on art, dating, friendship, family and the like, and practice deep humanity...

Nov 11, 2019

In this technological age, common models of processing don’t keep pace with experience.
In this Reality Riff, increase your processing speed, declutter your memory bank, and upgrade your creative and functional mind.
Learn how to unpack life completely so you can meet the next moment with an open heart and fresh...

Nov 4, 2019

In this final installment of the Relationship Series, discover sophisticated yogic sciences to create more dexterity & excitement in your relationships.
You’ll learn how to work dynamically to heal past relational scar tissue and bring out your deepest edges to make it all the...